Terms and Conditions of Enrollment in FCCI Classes

Last updated: November 5, 2015

Welcome to one of FCCI’s learning opportunities. As a student in one of our classes, you will have the opportunity to explore the world of fine cacao and chocolate at an advanced level with master instructors.

So that FCCI may provide these opportunities, all individuals who enroll in our classes (including those that enroll others or are enrolled by others) must agree to the following terms and conditions. Enrollment in one or more of our classes shall indicate that you agree to these terms and conditions.

Payment and Cancellation

Payment (tuition) for your class is due upon enrollment through this website or through another means, or according to a payment schedule as specified for a par ticular class. Enrollment confirmed by FCCI and on-time delivery of all payments reserves a space for you in the class, as scheduled.

For classes with limited enrollment and in person classes: if you cancel your enrollment, you will forfeit any tuition you have paid to date. If we are able to find another student to take your place, we will return your tuition in full, with the exception of a nonrefundable portion if specified for a particular class. We will make reasonable efforts to find replacement students, but for classes that involve travel we expect that after 30 to 60 days prior to the program start date it will become difficult to find replacements. Under no circumstances can FCCI guarantee that a replacement will be found. Please make sure that you are committed to taking the class before paying the registration fee or any down payments. We also recommend insuring your travel to and from the program in case of an emergency. These terms and conditions are necessary because the space that you have reserved for yourself by enrolling is a lost opportunity for another student to enroll and take part in the class, and because we incur per student expenses prior to the class.

For online classes with unlimited enrollment: if you cancel your enrollment five or fewer days prior to the start of the class or fail to attend, you will forfe it your tuition in full. Cancellations in advance of five days of the start of the class must be made by email to contact@chocolateinstitute.org and must be confirmed by FCCI to be valid.

For all classes: no partial refund is available if you attend only part of a class or only specific days of a multi-day class.

If FCCI cancels the class entirely, you will be refunded your tuition in full. If FCCI reschedules or relocates the class and you are unable to attend at the ne w time or place, FCCI will refund your tuition in full. FCCI is not responsible for any other expenses you have incurred related to your plans to attend the class. FCCI reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or relocate the class at any time, for any reason, and without advance notice, subject to the terms and conditions regarding tuition payments above.

Changes in attendee may be made at any time with no change in tuition. You are welcome to send a person in your place if you are unable to attend, for any reason.

Course Materials

All course materials used in FCCI’s classes are the physical and intellectual property of FCCI, without limitation, unless ownership is held by a third party. Payment of tuition and enrollment in an FCCI class in no way constitutes an agreement by FCCI to sell or license any course materials to you in any manner. FCCI’s provision of course materials is for the sole purpose of facilitating your education in the subject matter of the course. Accordingly, you may not reproduce, sell, or distribute FCCI’s course materials at any time now or in the future. During and after the class, any course-related documents, books, papers, electronic media, or other materials that you retain in your possession is provided as a courtesy by FCCI or by a third party for your education and does not constitute permission for you to reproduce, sell, or distribute the materials in any way, including but not limited to online dissemination. These terms and conditions are necessary to retain the integrity of FCCI’s work, classes, and intellectual property.

Protection of Educational Freedom

Each FCCI class is a forum for open, honest, and intellectually critical education, exploration, and discussion. Sometimes our students will be persons in the business of fine cacao and chocolate, as well as consumers. By enrolling in an FCCI class, you agree to waive any and all causes of action against FCCI, other students, and any third party that may arise during the class on the basis of course content. This waiver includes, but is not limited to, causes of action regarding defamation, libel, slander, false advertising, or tortious interference with business relations. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify FCCI against any causes of action arising from your conduct during the course or the content of your participation in the course. These protections are necessary to preserve our classes as fora for open and honest education, exploration, and discussion.

Personal and Business Privacy

FCCI respects the privacy of its students and will not sell the personal or business information provided to us as part of enrollment to any third parties. FCCI will not disclose any of your educational records to any third parties without your express written permission. However, by participating in class, you agree that FCCI has no control over any information you disclose to other individuals in your class and that such information may no longer be regarded as private. This includes, but is not limited to, trade secrets, strategic business information, and financial details. It is solely your responsibility to withhold confidential information from disclosure.

Food Safety

FCCI will make a reasonable effort to accommodate medical and health concerns related to food or drink that are a part of a class. You are responsible for informing the class instructor and FCCI of any allergies or other medical concerns related to food or drink in the class, before preparing or consuming any food or drink. You shall hold harmless and indemnify FCCI and its instructors for any injury that occurs during the class related to food or drink, arising in whole or part from your failure to inform the instructor and FCCI of any medical concerns and to take reasonable precautions against injury.

FCCI will also offer a reasonably sanitary environment when food or drink is prepared and served. FCCI’s class locations may vary greatly, including both informal and international locations and students may encounter new and unusual foods and drink. Accordingly, you agree to consume food and drink during FCCI classes entirely at your own risk. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify FCCI and its instructors for any injuries arising from food or drink prepared or consumed during the class. During a class you may decline to consume food or drink at any time.


The terms and conditions of this agreement shall be interpreted according the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and subject to the jurisdiction of its courts or the Court of the US District of Massachusetts, regardless of the location of the class or student. If any term or condition is found to be unlawful, that term or condition shall be void, but the remainder of this agreement shall remain in force. Any dispute that is subject to these terms and conditions for enrollment shall be first mediated by a mediator jointly chosen by FCCI and the student. No changes to these terms and conditions shall be valid without express written approval by the Executive Director of FCCI.

By enrolling in an FCCI class, you agree to the above terms and conditions.