Every fine chocolate lover needs to read at least two books:

The New Taste of Chocolate: A Cultural & Natural History of Cacao with Recipes
by Maricel Presilla

The True History of Chocolate
by Sophie D. Coe and Michael D. Coe


Bean To Bar: A Film About Chocolate

Nothing Like Chocolate

The Slow Melt: A Podcast About Chocolate

Unwrapped: A Conversation About Chocolate & Coffee


Taste lots of chocolate! Several authors have written about the practice of tasting. See our book list for texts that offer tips on how to explore.


Visit a local chocolate maker, chocolatier, or retailer to find chocolate and learn from them. Many chocolate producers offer tours or classes that introduce retailers to their work. See our map to locate one near you.


Shop online or at a local chocolate shop. See our map for ideas.

The Academy of Chocolate, Good Food Awards, and International Chocolate Awards all provide starting points for exploring fine chocolate. Each awards program has different criteria and judging protocol if you want to get geeky and explore the variety. Judge the products for yourself by tasting through a sampling of the finalists or winners. Beyond this, the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund certifies growers of high quality, flavor cacao, and companies working with this cacao produce bars that can be located for purchasing here.


Attend a guided tasting event. Stay tuned for more details on how and where to find one.


Ecole Chocolat’s Mastering Chocolate Flavor Class is a 4-week online class in learning how to taste consciously, taught by talented chocolatier Richard Tango-Lowy. If you find yourself in New York City, the Institute of Culinary Education hosts consumer chocolate making classes in their Chocolate Lab, taught by inimitable Chef Michael Laiskonis.