FCCI is engaging in COVID-19 research response on three fronts:
1) Impact to small chocolate businesses (conducted between March 15 and 22, you can still participate in the flash poll)
2) Impact on cacao production and trade (conducted between April 2 and 19, you can still participate in the flash poll in English, espanol, francais, portugues)
3) Impact on pastry and chocolatier market (conducted between April 13 and May 1 in English, espanol, francais)

In three videos, our Executive Director, Carla D. Martin, PhD, and our Research Fellow, Jose Lopez Ganem, share preliminary results from FCCI’s flash poll on COVID-19 and its impact on small chocolate businesses, cacao production and trade, and pastry and chocolatier professionals. We encourage you to watch both and respond. To read a brief written summary of the first video, visit Read Cacao’s blog.

Questions should be directed to contact@chocolateinstitute.org.

Survey 1, impact of COVID-19 on small chocolate businesses (survey launched March 15, video published March 23)

Survey 2, impact of COVID-19 on cacao production and trade (survey launched April 2, video published April 20)

Survey 3, impact of COVID-19 on pastry and chocolatier professionals (survey launched April 13, video published May 14)

Based on responses that came in to our first flash poll, we are continuing to edit a living document with resources for small chocolate businesses here. We invite your feedback, submissions, and collaboration as we work collectively to respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cacao and chocolate supply chain.

FCCI flash polls go through a multi-part development process: 1) drafting in collaboration with expert academics; 2) feedback on drafts in collaboration with industry experts; and 3) widespread dissemination through newsletters, social media, and informal industry networks. Upon receipt of the flash poll results, data is first analyzed by our core research team then rapidly peer-reviewed by expert academics to ensure that the analysis we share publicly is fair and balanced.